IVF In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in Fresno

We aim to reduce the cost of IVF treatment by more than 50%. Simple IVF Centers want to ensure that a wide range of families is able to receive advanced fertility care.

Simple IVF

'Simple IVF' allows us to accomplish this goal. Our team has eliminated needless tests, procedures, and office visits through a reimagined IVF program. The simple treatment plan is an advanced program that boils down to time-saving, good fertility care.

Results: IVF treatment attainable for more patients at a fraction of the cost at many centers.

For couples who do not need advanced ‘extra” treatments like preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) or ICSI sperm microinjection, this simplified treatment plan is usually an excellent choice.

The IVF lab uses the latest advanced IVF care methods to ensure the quality of care is as exceptional as the affordability. These methods have been proven over 30 years and we use them to set the stage for success.

Our coordination team arranges a seamless series of tests and prescription medications through a simplified treatment plan. Your individual coordinator will check in with you weekly to make sure you’re doing well. You will also have access to daily instructions and support on the Center’s online app and portal feature.

Fertility treatment is delivered through an expedited protocol involving moderate doses of injectable medications. Simple IVF Center’s protocol works to simplify care and reduce costs. Developing a limited 6 to 15 eggs and completing treatment in just 2 to 4 office visits allows us to do this.

A mild anesthetic is used during the brief procedure for harvesting eggs during IVF. The majority of patients have recovered within 30 to 40 minutes and are able to comfortably return home.

The IVF laboratory grows the fertilized eggs for 2 to 3 days before they are returned through a standard IVF embryo transfer. Two embryos are most often transferred while the other good quality embryos as cryopreserved as spares for future needs.

The Simple IVF program can usually be completed during 4 to 6 office visits over a month’s span. Many patients are amazed at how easily the straightforward treatment plan fits into their schedule.

If financial constraints have held you back from seeking fertility treatments, don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with us today. We’re just as excited as you are to start building your family!

Advanced IVF

Advanced IVF is the treatment of choice for patients who are diagnosed with difficult infertility problems. This treatment is often used for families seeking preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), men with severe male infertility, and patients that require donor egg IVF.

Patients who desire the highest monthly success rate may also choose Advanced IVF over Simple IVF.

Simple IVF and Advanced IVF treatments can be separated by three distinct differences.

The first difference is the number of eggs produced due to the amount of fertility medication used. Patients receiving higher doses of fertility medication through Advanced IVF will hopefully produce 15 to 30 harvestable eggs. Since more eggs are produced, there is an increased chance of getting the “right” egg for pregnancy that is genetically normal and healthy. In addition, Advanced IVF patients have a better chance of having spare embryos that can be cryopreserved for attempts at pregnancy in the future.

The variation in IVF lab treatment protocol is the second difference. Eggs fertilized for Advanced IVF are grown in the laboratory for 5 days where they become blastocyst stage embryos. Many studies on embryo transfer during this stage have revealed benefits in picking the most healthy embryos and increases in pregnancy success rates for a single embryo transfer..

The third difference lies within the state of the art tools used to treat special problems with Advanced IVF. These tools include:

  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT): Also known as PGD and PGS, this test helps select embryos for transfer and pregnancy that are the most genetically normal. The normal chromosomes needed for a successful pregnancy are only found in 50% of a young woman’s embryos and in as little as 10-15% of a woman’s over 40. PGT is an important tool for IVF as often times IVF failure is a result of not obtaining a normal embryo needed to grow into a baby. Visit our dedicated genetic testing page for more detailed information on PGT.

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm insertion (ICSI): Male infertility is best treated with ICSI. When a male has severe infertility, many times the sperm cannot find the egg in a test tube in order to fertilize it. This issue is likely the cause of failure in even the most careful IVF procedure

    ICSI aims to eliminate that problem by using a microneedle to insert a single sperm directly into the egg. The large majority of male infertility cases are overcome with this assisted fertilization.

  • Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A woman experiencing infertility due to the health of her uterus or the quality of her eggs may have success with these “third party parenting” treatment options. For these treatments, IVF is used to harvest eggs from the first person and start pregnancy in the second person.

These treatment options offer hope for success for patients who would ordinarily experience remarkable challenges in becoming a parent.

Select IVF

Select IVF offers the highest chance of taking home a healthy baby by combining two additional technologies with the Advanced IVF protocol.

  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT): PGT (also called PGD and PGS) is used select genetically normal embryos for transfer. The concept here is that only 50% of embryos in a young woman and as few as 10-15% of embryos in women above 40 have the normal chromosomes needed for a successful pregnancy. Thus, many times an IVF cycle fails to produce a pregnancy because a normal embryo that had the opportunity to become a baby wasn't used. For detailed information about PGT, please go to our dedicated genetic testing page.

  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: In order to allow time for genetic testing to be completed, embryos must be frozen prior to transfer. This delay in transferring the embryo allows the uterine lining to return to a more normal state following stimulation during prior to egg retrieval. This can provide greater implantation rates in some cases.

Select IVF is commonly selected by patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, advanced maternal age, heritable genetic diseases, and those that want the best chance of delivering a healthy baby.

Simple IVF Centers, is committed to delivering quality fertility care an affordable service. We believe everyone should have access to these services so we make the cost of IVF 20-40% less than the average fertility clinic.

If financial constraints have held you back from seeking fertility treatments, don’t hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with us today. We’re just as excited as you are to start building your family!