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Welcome to Simple IVF Centers – Fresno Fertility Center

The Office of Dr. Alex Steinleitner

We believe that advanced fertility care should be simple, personal, and affordable.

Our goal is to pick the simplest and least expensive treatment that will give you a high chance for success.

At Fresno Fertility Center we offer cutting edge advanced treatments that meet the needs of nearly every family.

Effective advanced therapies such as INVOcell IVF are available for a fraction of the cost of care at most fertility clinics.

We invite you to browse this website to learn about our unique approach to fertility care.

INVOcell IVF – simplified IVF for $3,650

Explore this cost-effective new procedure that makes IVF available to many families

Programs for Unlimited IVF Care

Two years of IVF care – physican’s care and IVF laboratory services – for one affordable fee. Your days of worrying about budgets for care and open ended expenses are over.

Infertility Testing and Advanced IVF Care


    Advanced testing that looks for subtle fertility issues that are often missed by gynecologists.


    A procedure in which processed and concentrated motile sperm are placed directly into the uterine cavity.


    The “test tube baby” procedure is the most effective treatment for many infertility problems.

  • Ovum Donation & Gestational Surrogacy

    These “third party parenting” procedures can help older women and patients with severe medical problems add to their families.

  • Egg Freezing

    Oocyte cryopreservation allows women to bank their eggs for pregnancy later in life.

  • Donor Insemination

    Intrauterine insemination with donor semen supports family building for single women and same sex couples.


Begin with Complete Testing to find the problem

Pick a treatment that is affordable and effective

Work with the most supportive team

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