INVOcell IVF at
Simple IVF Centers Fresno

We are able to offer advanced treatments at one-third of traditional costs through the simplified IVF procedure called INVOcell IVF.

Patients undergoing INVO are treated with low doses of fertility medication for a period of 7 to 12 days. A patient's care is then monitored through two to three clinic visits. During a minor office procedure, eggs can be harvested and mixed with sperm in the INVOcell. The INVOcell is placed in the woman’s vagina in hopes that fertilization of the eggs occurs and embryo growth begins to take place inside her body.

The INVOcell is removed from the woman’s uterus after two to five days and the embryos are replaced inside her via a non-surgical transfer procedure.

Don’t let the financial constraints of fertility treatments hold you back from building the family you desire, schedule a consultation with us today!

Realize your dreams of a family with INVOcell for only $4,250 + Anesthesia!

INVOcell IVF is a simplified procedure that doesn’t require intensive services or an operating room. Because of this, we can offer this treatment at a greatly reduced cost compared to traditional IVF.

Pregnancy success rates studied with INVOcell IVF reveal that results are comparable to conventional IVF treatments. This treatment is often highly effective for many patients with infertility problems.

At Simple IVF centers, the advantages of INVOcell IVF include fewer doctors visits and the use of fewer fertility medications. Along with less invasive egg retrieval surgery, many patients enjoy the benefits of caring and nurturing their own eggs.

INVOcell is a popular and cost-effective treatment option for families that need advanced reproductive therapies but cannot afford costs nearing $15,000 for traditional IVF.